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Becky has called Hamilton home for 17 years, having first come in 2005 for university. Graduating in 2011 with an Honours B.A. in Clinical Psychology, Becky and her husband married while in university and started their family soon after. They have three children in the public school system.

Becky is a life-long community volunteer. Having served in childcare programs and mentored young moms, she has stayed connected to the concerns of students and families. Becky personally understands the challenges families endured during the ever-changing rules and regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact on education is a major concern for her as the focus now shifts to student learning recovery. 

Since December 2018 Becky has served as Public School Board Trustee in Wards 8 & 14 and is committed to public education and improving the school system so that all students can access the support they need to succeed. Becky has developed and deepened relationships with families on the West Mountain during her first term and looks forward to strengthening them even more in the coming term. She will continue to foster an environment where all community members are respected, where the voice of every student is engaged, and Board members can come together for students.



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