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WARDS 8 & 14




For four years Becky has served as the Trustee for wards 8&14 on the West Mountain in Hamilton. Her focus on education and the things that matter most to families has never wavered. She has been an advocate for programming and funding allocations to help students achieve to the best of their ability, a champion for mental health support for students and staff, and has supported partnerships between school communities and local volunteers and organizations.

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board trustees shape the strategic direction for nearly 50,000 students and are responsible for a $625.3 million budget. This critically important role aligns resources with school operations and Board priorities. In her role as Trustee, Becky advocated for increased support for COVID learning recovery, as well as for mental health, special education, and safe schools. She has been a strong voice for school renewal, envisioning a future when all public schools in Hamilton have state-of-the-art learning facilities, including updated science labs, libraries, and gym spaces.



Becky has been an active and committed member of HWDSB's Board of Trustees for 4 years. Listed below are some of the areas she has served.


Parent Involvement Committee

Feedback received from this committee has been extremely important to Becky as she continues to seek parent and caregiver input on matters important to families across Hamilton. Our post-pandemic recovery is dependent on a close relationship between the Board and families. This partnership is vital to catch students up to their full potential.



To drive system-level change in the Hamilton public school board, Becky has been a member of the Policy Committee every year of the past term. Every decision she makes is focused on creating a positive learning environment for every student. Listening to student, parent, and staff voice have been integral to understanding the issues.


Special Education

Becky has advocated for greater allocation of resources in Hamilton public schools specialized services, recognizing that the pandemic has created significant challenges for families who were already struggling. As well, she has supported staffing decisions that support Education Assistants, Child and Youth Care Practitioners, and Learning Resource Teachers.


School Renewal

The quality of the learning environments our students spend their time in matters. As a member of the Finance & Facility Committee Becky has advocated for an accommodation review for schools on the West Mountain, air conditioning to be installed at all Hamilton schools, and much-needed improvements in some public school gyms, libraries, and science labs.


Program Committee Chair

Since 2019 Becky has led Program Committee work, focusing on improving programs and championing apprenticeships and co-ops. Every program needs strong, measurable results. Becky will continue to endorse these and other programs that link students with real-world experiences. Successful programming should spark creativity, innovation, and imagination in all students. 


Faith Advisory

For four years Becky sat on this Advisory Committee. Her commitment to protecting the religious rights of students and families has been unwavering. Hamilton is a diverse community that serves many people groups. The public board must ensure families are aware of their right to religious accommodations, as well as, how to access them.

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